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Through the knowledge of our
Long Lakes Investment Club
Multiply your
under any market conditions
Wealth CLUB
We turn club members to a uniquely high level of investment opportunities since 2017
High expertise
Blockchain technology is a potentially highly profitable tool for increasing capital
Proven Strategies
Developed and tested by a team of scientists, graduates of MIPT
Assets protected
Work and available in full 24/7 on your DEX and CEX wallets
Tested Tools
Based on historical data of various periods, including bear and bull markets, as well as crypto winter
You are a member of R&D Tech Company
The opportunity to be one of the first to use advanced technologies for increasing digital assets
Long Lakes Wealth
Management Club
Private consulting club specialized in the saving and increasing digital assets exceptionally on BlockChain technologies
*human factor free
What is the Benefit
of membership?
To start using the tools, you need to get a basic knowledge of how they work. We give this in a structured form by personal consultations and support
We spend contributions on R&D, Technologies our club members use at the moment:
  • Predictive analysis of the sentiment of cryptocurrency markets
  • Yield Bearing stablecoins
  • Delta Neutral Yield Farming
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • DeFi Early Stages
  • Options
Strategies and tools
used by WMC members
Each one in detail:
Predictive analysis of info field of cryptocurrency markets
The foundation of strategy is the analysis of the sentiments and opinions of the most important crypto-influencers on the current digital market

The activity of hundreds social networks users who popularize or criticize certain crypto projects is tracked
Yield bearing stablecoins
Providing liquidity in the assets pools in reliable stablecoins USDT/USDC/DAI Strategy is a modern and more profitable digital analogue of bank deposits

Staking with a lock-up period, is like a bank deposit for a strictly defined time
It often allows you to get a high return but implies an increased risk
*The track record of our club members shows an average return of 5-10% APY
Delta Neutral Yield Farming
The main income in this tool is the fee extraction. Commissions are earned passively when tokens are exchanged in the liquidity pools

All liquidity providers receive exchange fees in proportion to their share in the pool
The tool allows you to increase assets in the long term with low risk
*The track record of our club members shows an average return of 25-30% APY
Algorithmic Trading
The strategy works completely autonomously according to an algorithm that is not subject to emotions. It has been extensively tested on historical data of various periods, including rising and falling markets, as well as crypto winter

The strategy performs much better compered to the Buy & Hold method

The tool allows you to increase assets both in a growing and falling market without human factor
*The track record of our club members shows an average return of 70-100% APY
Venture Capital, DeFi, Early Stages
Participation in crypto startups at an early stage, in order to increase initial investments in the process of products evolution

The tool allows you to increase assets several times over fairly short cycles of 2-4 months, but has an increased risk
Typical Portfolio of Long Lakes
WMC Members
30% APY
Initial Investments — from $10K
70% — Yield bearing stablecoins
20% — Delta Neutral Yield Farming
10% — Algorithmic Trading
60% APY
Initial Investments — from $10K
50% — Yield bearing stablecoins
20% — Delta Neutral Yield Farming
30% — Algorithmic Trading
from 90% APY
Initial Investments — from $10K
30% — Delta Neutral Yield Farming
50% — Algorithmic Trading
20% — Venture Capital, DeFi, Early Stages
*after the basic qualification, we select a unique solution for a specific psychotype, budget, goal or expectations of a potential Club member
A series of expert consultations
As a first step, we conduct a series of full consultations with immersion in the expert part of BlockChain
In order for you to have a clear understanding of how all of our main investment strategies work
As a result you understand the practical use and application of our strategies, due to which there is a profit in the digital market
Tools selection and connection to strategies
Depending on your:
  1. Investor's psychological portrait
  2. Risk-profile
  3. Starting budget
  4. Investment period
  5. Annuity expectations
Your assets work and are available in full 24/7 on your DEX and CEX wallets
We will provide:
  1. The most conservative and safe set of strategies
  2. Technical support on handling of cryptocurrency for quick and error-free connection to the tools
  3. Pragmatic analysis and risk assessment while your strategies performing to achieve your financial Goal
Club service
Pocket consultant
We will provide a personal concierge service to solve possible difficulties in managing your assets on your own and moving it around the globe.
Each of your assets always works as efficiently as possible for you and is available to you in full anytime
Reporting, Take-profit and Reinvestment
Monthly reporting consultations on performance and effectiveness. Decisions on further portfolio management strategy, profit withdrawal or reinvestment feasibility
Early Adopters
If you like to be among the first to try innovations in technology, or you just want to know about the cutting edge trends and opportunities in the Crypto world, we will also offer you our R&D workshops with our early adopters team
Personalized approach
to risk profile
Deep analysis of quantitative indicators of risk management, fundamental risks, and liquidity risks
Analysis numbers are translated into an intuitive visual format
Personal approach to the client depending on his goals and the level of risk he is comfortable with
We take into account differences between reality and expectations, and forming a unique risk management strategy
Benefits of membership
in the Wealth
Management Club
High profitability
Much higher income than in the most existing instruments in the real sector, such as the stock market, real estate, private banking
Independence from the market trend
Strategies earn in dollar terms, on the movement of quotes, both in a growing and falling market
Combined solution
Using a combination of technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis allows you to get a comprehensive and reliable picture of what is happening on the market
High capital capacity
The ability to work with almost any amount of funds without reducing efficiency
Control over funds
Funds are always on your DEX and CEX wallets, you can increase or decrease the investment pool at any time
Transparent reporting
The monitoring system displays the results of the strategies in real time
R&D resources
Permanent research and development of new profitable strategies and infrastructure
Technical support
Full support in the process of preparing and working with strategies
Main in team structure
  • Entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in the implementation of various projects in such areas as Private Equity (VC, Growth phase, Turn Around)

  • Development of analytics and predictive analytics systems in the verticals of investment, construction, litigation funding

  • In the field of blockchain, experience since 2016 in the field of mining, investing in early stages and direct trading
  • Professional experience in trading on the American stock market, energy futures and cryptocurrencies for more than 10 years

  • Specializes in assessing fundamental indicators and portfolio risk metrics

  • A system entirely developed by RAVENSTAG, is used as a key element of effective portfolio management in the stock market with an AUM of more than 50 million USD
Senior Researcher
  • A graduate of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, has been developing and researching automated trading systems and intelligent trading strategies since 2015.

  • Co-author of more than 18 scientific articles and more than 10 reports at scientific conferences.
Senior Researcher
  • Wide range of crypto solutions developer.

  • Specialist in quantum computing.

  • Winner of international chess tournaments.

  • Expert in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Data Analytics

  • Co-author of scientific articles on the application of Natural Language Processing and machine learning in the field of analysis and forecasting of market quotes
  • Building mathematical and statistical models of a high level of complexity, as well as developing systems with a large number of independent micro-services (more than 150 units)

  • Multiple winner of the mathematic competitions in and sports programming
  • More than 4 years of development experience in the field of building exchange algorithms and post-trade analysis systems

  • Responsible for the development of OMS (order management system) and infrastructure for interaction with exchanges
Team of Physics and Technology Institution scientists for alternative developments
  • Development of a predictive analytics system using Natural Language Processing technologies
  • Collection of data from social networks, instant messengers and other web resources with subsequent processing to predict the movement of the value of monitored assets
  • Development of DeFi strategies
  • Liquidity mining algorithms, arbitrage strategies, etc
By purchasing club membership, you get access to the Institute of Technology, whose goal is to return the club fee many times over